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La Paz Water Garden

There is so much to see in Costa Rica and you want to see it all, then La Paz Waterfall Garden is for you. Visit five wonderful waterfalls through a luscious forest filled with exotic vegetation. Walk over bridges and stairways built on top of the famous La Paz waterfall. Discover the world’s largest butterfly gardens and see the incredible Blue Morpho! Stroll through the gardens, stop and see the hummingbirds, monkeys, toucans, snakes, frogs, wildcats and all the beautiful orchids in the orchid house. Following your visit, enjoy a delicious buffet lunch at the waterfall restaurant.

Price: $70.00 USD per person Includes transport, entrance fee, and guided visit.


World of Snakes

This serpentarium is a unique facility here in Costa Rica which boasts of an open air exhibition with snakes from all over the world. English speaking tour guides offer a wealth of information about the different species and you may even hold the (non-poisonous) snakes upon request!

Price: $30.00 USD per person Includes transportation, entrance fee and guided visit

Else Kientzler Botanical Gardens

Come visit the Else Kientzler Botanical Gardens. 7 hectares of wonderful paths with more than 2000 different plants from 80 families and coming from countries like Guyana, New Zealand, Madagascar, Japan, Bahamas, Java, Brazil, India, Korea… and of course Costa Rica! For an extra fee you can request one of the botanists to join your visit to discuss many of the plants you will see (The botanists are not available on weekends).

Price: $50.00 USD per person Includes transport, entrance fee to the botanical gardens, a stop at the largest ox cart in the world, visit an oxcart factory and finish off with a stop at an exotic wood souvenir factory where you will save between 50% and 70% off wood souvenirs compared to regular souvenir stores in Costa Rica.

Catarata Del Toro

A beautiful landscape awaits you with one of Costa Rica’s most impressive waterfalls. On the way down to the waterfall you will see a wide variety of tropical plants and trees. Once at the bottom it is like getting lost in time to a prehistoric era. Simply amazing!

Price: $65.00 USD per person Includes transportation, entrance fee and guided visit

Los Chorros Waterfalls

Discover two magnificent 75 foot waterfalls in their natural surroundings! Swim and play under the waterfalls and get an unforgettable massage from naturally occuring water jets spraying out of the rock walls.

Price: $45.00 USD per person Includes transportation (weather permitting), entrance fee and guided visit

Poas Volcano

We will take a scenic drive up the mountainside to the Poas National Park. Then it’s a small walk up to the summit of the Poas volcano where we will see one of the great wonders of the world. The crater is filled with a highly acid greenish-blue water with a constant flow of steam escaping from it. Make sure you bring your camera for this one! Following the summit we will go to the interpretive center where you can learn all about volcanos in general and specifically Poas. This tour leaves early in the morning so you can add tours such as the canopy and La Paz to pack in a full day of fun and excitement!!

Price: $50.00 USD per person Includes transportation, entrance fee and guided visit