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The Brides (Tammy) first trip to La Paz Water Garden

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My name is Tammy Campbell I am James’s Wife.

I would like to tell you about my trip to La Paz Waterfalls.  I fell in love with the place.  When you walk into the reception area you will be amazed by the beauty of it.  Beautiful stone fireplace, gorgeous flower arrangements everywhere and everything is wood.

 I think what shocked me most was the faucets in the washroom.  They don’t really have a faucet.  It’s a waterfall.  I loved it.

There was a nice walk down some steps in amongst the foliage.  Once you get to the bottom you had a choice of what to do first.  Well we decided to have lunch first. We found a nice little table towards to back just beside the buffet table.  The choices for lunch were wonderful.  There was salad fixings, pasta, roasted chicken and potato stew which had some beef in it.  Lunch was fantastic.

Once we finished lunch we went to the hummingbirds.  I never seen so many in my life.  They were buzzing around our heads going from one feeder to another.  so small and with such beauty and grace.  It amazes me that something that small can look so graceful. 

Next we went to see the ox cart.   

Wonderful colours.  The oxen look like they were statues they were so well behaved and the looked like they were well taken care of.  There is an old Tico farm house there as well not far from the oxen.  The lady inside told us that the house was typical about 100 years ago and it would sleep about 10 people.  Now inside there was a kitchen area near the fireplace, a couple of rocking chair in front of it which looked inviting, a big bed which had a straw looking mattress and a big kitchen table with benches to sit at to eat.  The house also had a high roof meaning the ceiling was about 12 feet high (I’m guessing of course)  around the house there were pens for some of the animals.  There were also this cute little animal all around the house as well.  It was looking for food.  The animal is known as a Coati.   We made sure take some pictures of it. 

Next we ventured to the frog building.  We managed to see a couple of different types of tree frogs.  We also were able to get photos of these 2 very ting frogs.  One was the poison red dart frog and the other was a beautiful lime green and black frog.  The little ones were hiding amongst some of the leaves that were around on the floor so you had to watch your step so you didn’t step on them. 

Than we were off to the aviary.  As we walked up the hill to the aviary we stopped at the monkeys, than to the aviary next door.  When we walked in the door on the right side were the macaws.  Big, red and absolutely gorgeous.  As we took some pictures there was one that decided he was going to pose for a photo.  We took some nice pictures of him and the others.  There was a bird that was kinda funny looking.  He was all black with a red beak.  When we first arrived he was near the parrots so we went to look at them.  While we were looking at the parrots this bird moved and was sitting on the railing.  So my husband took a close up and personal picture of him.  

I was worried that he would peak at the camera lens but he never did so we snapped his picture and continued on to look at the Toucans.  While we were in where the Toucans are they were being fed by their handlers.  I was able to have one sitting on my shoulder.  

They are very timid birds.  They scare very easily but they are so cute.  There were 2 different kinds of Toucans.  Once was a rainbow beaked toucan and the other was a chestnut beaked toucan.

We had spent three hours, between eating lunch and walking around and only covered a small part of the park. I am sorry I didn’t get to see the many waterfalls and trails that ran thru the cloud forest. 

While there we found out about the Trout Lake.  We thought it was a pool to swim in but it’s not.  It’s actually a place where you can fish for trout and take it to the restaurant there called the Big Trout Bar and they will cook it for you.  Sounds like a great place to go if you want things al a cart.

It was getting to be around 4pm and we didn’t want  to be out driving in the dark, so it was time to go back to the B&B. On my next visit I will be sure to come early so that I can cover the whole park!