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A new day

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Hi Everyone!

I should start this blog by introducing myself. My name is James Campbell and I am from Oshawa Ontario Canada. Married to a beauty named Tammy who is my anchor and have a daughter Laura who is married to an outstanding guy Chris, together they have my lil princess Chloe who is the soft spot!! I came down to Costa Rica about 8 years ago for the first time and fell in love with the country and the people I came in contact were so friendly. The weather was fantastic no SNOW!! In January as the people in the north were bundling up to go out in the freezing weather I was on the beach soaking up the warm Costa Rica sun at +30.  I have been back several times and every time I love it more!! One day as I was sitting at my computer (in March with the furnace blasting away to keep me warm) surfing Costa Rica sights I came across a little B and B for sale completely by accident, I contacted the owners Denny and Rachelle who as some of you may have met are fantastic people and arranged to come down in June to have a look at the B and B and the little town of Grecia. I came down thinking it would take me two weeks to decide if this was the place for me, well four days later I decided it was and was on the plane back north to make arrangement to take over this little piece of paradise.  I came back on Monday of this week and started the transition, Denny and Rachelle had a training program all set up!! oooooo what a mass amount of information they tried to squeeze into my brain! They were so patient with me, we will see if it sticks!

They are off on their honeymoon in the Philippines! I wish them the best of luck on their new adventure and thank them for all their help they were two very awesome people!!

Melissa Hayes will be the new hostess, she is a local woman but lived in Florida for 7 years so she speaks both english and spanish. I would be lost without her because my spanish is little to none and she has so much local knowledge!

Its another great day in Costa Rica, rained last night hard and now the sun is shining with a clear blue sky temperature around 26oC. Today will be a day of computer work, trying to remember everything I was taught but tomorrow maybe I will take a day off and go see the country side!

Until the next blog PURA VIDA