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Foods and Drink in Costa Rica

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Today I am going to write a little about food and drink here in Costa Rica. What they like, where to get it and a few other tid bits along the way.

The typical local staple food in Costa Rica consists of rice, beans and a meat (mostly chicken). Cooked many ways like in a “casado”, which is black beans, rice some salad, some meat (beef, chicken, pork or fish) and sometimes an egg.

Another favorite of mine is Arroz con Pollo. Fried rice with chicken. It usually comes with some deep fried tortilla chips and a simple salad.

Chicharons are deep fried pork chunks.

They loooooove fried chicken. There are fried chicken places everywhere. They even serve fried chicken at McDonalds.

They also love french fries. Come to think of it, anything deep fried seems to be a hit.

Small family owned restaurants are called sodas. they mainly serve these typical meals.

They call Diet Coke “Coka light”.

A menu is pronounced “maynu”. Get it right or the waiter might have a puzzled look on his face when you ask for a “menu”.

Appetizers are popular in bars because locals have limited funds and would rather spend the money on Imperial or Pilsen beer. They call appetizers “Bocas”.

The water here is good to drink…. in most cases better than bottled water straight from the tap.

They generally don’t put salt or pepper on the table but you can ask for it.

I have had very few salads I would classify as “great”. Mediocre would more describe them. It is weird because they have awesome vegetables and they are inexpensive for the most part.

They are not into dressings unless you are in a higher end place. It’s mostly vinegar or lemon (which is not a bad thing for me) or “pink” sauce which is a mixture of mayonaise and ketchup I think (this IS a bad thing for me ewww).

Vegetarians can get by, just ask for your meal “sin” carne. You may get some funny looks because they don’t get many people asking for meals without meat.

I will add more as I think of it…